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Would you like some practical information about wireless technology which is also easy and fun to read? Is explosion technology your thing? Or could an insight into the medical technology of the future be just the thing to get you interested? Then take a look at our books on Wireless Technology, Medical Technology or the second, revised edition of our book on Explosion Technology!

The Wireless book: Evolution and communication

Wireless is not a new topic in the industry. But, for many engineers the construction of wireless technologies or the integration of wireless devices in the control of industrial plants is not familiar territory. There is a lack of technical information on the theory and practice of wireless communications in an industrial environment. And there is often a lack of confidence that wireless solutions can achieve the desired availability in the sometimes unfavourable industrial environments.

These fears are unfounded, as shown by steute‘s extensive experience with wireless automation even in hazardous areas and with wireless operating systems in demanding application fields such as medical technology.

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The Medbook: Medical technology through the ages

Recent years have seen huge advances in medical technology. If we can believe the experts – and we have no reason not to – the next ten, twenty or thirty years will see further revolutionary developments in this field.

Our work is primarily geared towards human beings, namely those who operate medical devices. Our expertise is the man-machine interface. When those responsible for handling the equipment can do so intuitively and to the best of their ability, then they have the conditions they need to concentrate fully on their patients.

Read the Medbook online now Download the Medbook now

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