Increasingly often, non-contact sensors are chosen as an alternative to mechanically actuated limit switches. These sensors work without any wear and tear, guaranteeing them a long lifetime, while their lack of mechanical actuators makes them ideally suited to both extremely dirty and strictly hygienic environments.

They also have benefits in operating conditions such as high or low contact velocity, high switching frequency and largely varying switching intervals.

steute develops different (magnetic, inductive, light) sensors, working according to different active principles and suited to different fields and tasks.

Sensori induttivi

One of the differences between inductive sensors and magnetic sensors is that inductive sensors do not require a magnetic actuator. They detect metal even through non-metallic materials and then transmit a signal. One of the most frequent applications is the positioning of machine components in adverse environments.

In addition to inductive sensors for general automation, the steute product range also includes inductive sensors for extreme surroundings (extreme dirt, extreme hygiene, extreme temperatures...) and wireless inductive sensors.

Sensori magnetici

Typical applications for magnetic sensors include the monitoring of machine and plant run times and idle times, as well as the position monitoring of flaps, slides and valves. Permanent magnets are used as actuators. Here steute offers a comprehensive range of sensors in both cylindrical and rectangular designs. Series are available with plastic and with metal housings, with large switching intervals and in extremely compact designs. A special feature of the steute range is its inclusion of wireless magnetic sensors using radio technology.

Due to their encapsulated design, the magnetic sensors are well suited to applications in extreme ambient conditions (dust, damp, aggressive media and temperature ranges from -60 °C to +130 °C). Series with ATEX certification for explosive zones are also available.

Sensori ottici

Wireless optical sensors represent a good alternative to electromechanical wireless position switches, e.g. to detect the occupancy of (E-Kanban) racks. These optical sensors from the steute range can also be integrated in the sWave.NET® wireless network.

Sensori di sicurezza

For safety-related applications, different designs of safety sensors are available. Here too, the benefits of an encapsulated design and flush installation in the surrounding construction are obvious. These sensors are therefore perfectly suited to the position monitoring of guard doors in extremely dirty, corrosive or hygienic surroundings. Notably, this product range features safety sensors for explosive zones and includes, of course, the corresponding guard door monitors (safety relay components).

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